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Let the neighborhood know you’re open for business with affordable and high-quality mail-ready postcards.

To support businesses that have been affected by the pandemic, with the help of Canada Post we’re offering direct mail postcards at up to 50% off regular price (includes Print and Postage)**.

These postcards are professionally designed by us – and are ready to be customized by you.

Design in minutes, delivered in days.


**For eligible customers

Your Brand and Design on Professionally Designed Postcards.

Our unique software allows you to pick professionally-designed postcards and modify the images and content. No design or coding experience required!


How it works

Select one of our designs

Select one of our professionally crafted designs from the inspiration gallery and select the quantity based on your budget.

Customize the text and images

Our amazing design tool lets you customize your mailer to be uniquely you!

Select your target location

Once you’re design is ready, you can enter your target mailing address.

Postcards arrive in mailboxes in days

Complete your checkout and pay online to get the printing and shipping started.

up to 50% off for a limited time

Applying for this discount

Our special offer is designed to support local companies that have been affected by COVID-19. Through our partnership with Canada Post, we are able to offer a signficant savings on postage for our clients. 

To check your company’s eligibility for discounted postage, please click the button below to fill out the quick questionnaire.

Frequently Asked Questions

WebToMail is a powerful platform for creating professionally designed print material and having it sent by mail within days. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our service.

How long will it take to get the postcards in the mailboxes after I submit the order?

After you submit your order, your postcards will be printed, prepared for mailing and sent to Canada Post. It can take 5 to 7 business days to hit the mailboxes after you place your order.

How will I know if the postcards have been mailed?

You will be apprised of the status of your order via email. You can also login to your account and check the status.

Who will receive the postcards?

When you place the order, you will have the option to select Residential, Businesses or both. The postcards will be mailed around your target location specified in your order.

Can I use my own design for the postcards?

You certainly can. Select one of the blank templates (landscape or portrait) and follow the directions to upload your artwork.

Am I able to use a different size of postcard?

We can help you print and mail any size postcard except you won’t be able to use this portal to design and mail the order. Please contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to get that done for you.

Can you address the postcards and send is as personalized mail?

Yes we can but not through this portal. Please contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to get that done for you.

Can you charge the postage to my Canada Post account?

Yes we can. Please contact us and provide your Canada Post Account we will get the postage for your order charged to your account. Your bill will be adjusted to exclude the postage.

Getting Started

To check your company’s eligibility for discounted postage, click the button below to fill out the quick 30 second questionnaire.

View the Designs

Curious what’s possible? Take a look at our inspiration gallery to see our designs.


About Us

WebToMail is designed to help you send professionally designed print campaigns to targeted neighborhoods quickly and easily.