Every year $500 billion dollars is spent on advertising globally. A big portion of that is spent on digital ads. However, direct mail still remains an effective and lucrative method of marketing.

So how do you use direct mail to get out your prospects inbox and onto their desk? To answer that question, let’s look at the current state of digital ads.

Increase in digital ads equals lower response rates

With the entire globe using virtual video conferencing and shopping online, it’s no surprise that the volume of digital ads are on the rise.

More people are shopping, browsing, chatting and using social media now than ever before. This is a marketers paradise.

However, the downside is that we’ve become inundated with ads and have become experts at ignoring them.

While the cost of digital ads may be on the decline, so is the response rate of your prospects.

That’s where direct mail comes in.

The rise of direct mail advertising

Direct mail has been around for so long, that many discount the effectiveness. The mental image of piles of flyers next to a big recycle bin comes to mind for most.

Years ago, I would have agreed. However, that situation has changed dramatically.

The number of “junk mail” has decreased and opened up room for creative and unique direct mail flyers and postcards.

Here are a few examples of creative postcards that we think you’ll love!

Leveraging digital in your direct mail

Combining direct mail and digital marketing is a potent and power way to get more out of your marketing efforts. 

Here are 3 ways to combine digital with your direct mail.

1. Add a link to a video on your website that provides more details.

A 5×7 inch post card doesn’t leave much room for text. That doesn’t mean that you should shrink your text and add more. Instead, use compelling headlines and direct the reader to your website to watch a more in-depth video of what you’re trying to explain.

2. Use coupon codes that are redeemable online.

Who doesn’t love getting a discount, right? Coupon codes can be used to drive more traffic from the postcard to your website. Best part is that you can finally track the effectiveness of your print campaigns.

3. Send postcards to a specific demographic then follow up with display ads to the same demographic online.

Brand recognition is vital when you are running online and offline ads. One strategy that we’ve seen work really well is to send postcards to a certain region, then follow up with online ads to people in that region as well. The more your brand is seen, the more top of mind you will be in your prospective customer’s mind.

Start your direct mail campaign

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Take a look at our inspiration gallery for examples.